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Coronavirus Latest

We are pleased to say that guidance or care home visiting has been eased, although it is essential to keep us all safe, so we would ask that you work with us in being as careful as possible and following the advice.

What you can do to help manage the risks. There are lots of ways you can help to reduce the risk of passing on the virus without knowing during a visit:

- get the vaccine when it is offered to you. Vaccination is one of the best defences to combat infection. It significantly reduces the transmission of infection, particularly after 2 doses.
- It is strongly recommended that residents and visitors receive 2 doses of vaccine before conducting visits
- take a rapid lateral flow test on the day of your visit
- do not visit the care home if you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of coronavirus
- wear a mask throughout your visit
- wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you arrive at the care home
- Most importantly, remember to limit close contact, use whatever PPE the care home asks you to, and keep it on. Gloves should only be necessary when providing close personal care.

Please see the link below for detailed updated information dated the 16th July 2021. Thank you.





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